Download Issues

First, sorry that you're having troubles.  We did our best to make Match Manager bulletproof, but most of what it does deals with are things outside of our control - the third party sites to which it connects to download match results.  We did the best we could to make Match Manager resilient to changes or problems with these sites, but in the end, there's only so much we can do.

If you're having troubles, here are some things to try before  contacting us with an issue:

  1. Try again later.  Sometimes the problem is just because the servers from the DNA sites are just overworked and can't respond to all requests in a timely manner
  2. Reduce the number of tests you are downloading.  You'll end up with multiple CSV files, but you can always merge them in Excel
  3. Increase the minimum  centiMorgan count that you're downloading (currently, this only applies to Ancestry)
  4. Most of the time, the problems are with Ancestry, so downloading Ancestry separately from other sites or selecting less tests to download from Ancestry at one time can help considerably.  This isn't to say that the other sites don't have issues on occasion, just not as often as Ancestry.  (This doesn't mean that Ancestry is "worse" than the other sites.  Most often it's because Ancestry deals with so much more data)
  5. As a last resort, check the box on Step 4 to force Match Manager to run more slowly: 

  6. Match Manager is pretty fast, and sometimes it is too much for the third party sites to handle, despite some throttling that we already included (see why here under Impact on External Sites).  Checking this box should slow Match manager down enough to allow it to finish the downloads.  That does mean it will take longer (about twice as long as usual) but at least you'll get all of your matches.

If none of this works, please read the information  here about submitting your log files and we'll be happy to look into it and work to get the problem resolved.

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